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One way to recap an AR TSW-910

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Attached is a file that chronicles the recapping of an AR TSW-910 loudspeaker. I also replaced the original wiring with solid silver wire.

Since this was my first foray into this speaker, it may not be the best way. However, it worked for me.


Did you do the re-foam of the drivers or had they already been done by someone else?

How does the speaker sound? Julian Hirsch, as you know, gave this speaker a 'pretty good' review, certainly not the kind of review he gave the 3, 3a, LST or 9. What are your impressions?

I've never heard the 910, but I suspect it's pretty good.

Steve F.

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I refoamed the 4 mids and two rear woofers. The front 11's and 8 inch had already been done.

Needless to say the customer was blown away when he came to pick them up as I had them set up for a listening session. I'm awaiting a testimonial letter from him after he gets them home and does some additional listening.

I found them very revealing of detail. How can they not be when you have a 5-way speaker. Each driver carrying its own portion of the freq. spectrum. His tweeters weren't the original Titaniums. They were AR 1 inch fabric domes purchased from ABT. He was tickled when I gave him a copy of the Hirsch review that he read when he was a kid.

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