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Classic 70's audio equip for sale


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I will probably be selling most of my sound system, and before venturing into the Ebay waters thought I would find out if anyone here would like the first stab at some of this equipment. I am the original owner of all this gear, which I bought in Europe around 1973. I have most of the associated accessories that came with it and *somewhere* in this house probably have the manuals as well (at one point in my life I was actually "well organized").

This saddens me deeply to part with this system as it has been part of my life for longer than I have known my wife and kids. Everything is in "very good" condition except where noted and has been well cared for, though I did smoke for much of my early life and have not made any attempt to clean this gear for the past decade other than dusting. I think I already have a buyer for the AR/LST's, unless someone here would like to offer me a four-figure price *and* is willing to pick them up (I live in SW OH).

The other equipment is:

Thorens TD-125 MKII turntable with TP16 tonearm and Stanton cartridge (don't recall the cart model at the moment), walnut base and smoke gray cover. The right rear corner of the cover cracked many years ago and was home repaired which is unsightly but it has held together for 30+ years.

Harman Kardon Citation 11 preamp, with DIN speaker plug. The volume knob is noisy but all controls are nice and tight.

Crown D-150 power amp. This amp was rated by Crown at 75 watts/channel but Stereo Review rated it at 90 WPC. The THD was unmeasurable using instruments of that era and they instead touted their exceptionally low IMD.

Revox A-76 FM tuner - this tuner has a very high-Q tuning circuit allowing for discriminating weak signals in areas surrounded by strong stations.

Revox A-77 reel-to-reel, complete in every way, with smoke plexiglass cover and a homemade umbilical remote control. Also several of those large magnesium alloy reels (or whatever they were made of) with hubs.

Also many cases of Scotch 203 tape which I will attempt to bulk erase if anyone actually wants them... and about a 2 feet thick stack of classical vinyl albums... mostly Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and such. I sold my 70's folk/rock collection last year just to get it out of the house.

I have been watching Ebay in recent years for similar equipment and most of these pieces have gone for 150-300 each. If anyone is interested please leave a reply. This is hard enough for me to part with all of this and I dread having to go thru Ebay, but I realize that it may come to that (they used to allow "private auctions", but I'm not sure if they still do). If we cannot deal face-to-face then I may need to involve Ebay as nothing more than an escrow agent.

Thanks for reading. I wish I had more time to read thru the many pages here on CSP.

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