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AR-2 documentation


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Hi I have a pair of AR-2 Loudspeakers. I would like to find a copy of the original documentation that came with these speakers. Heres the story. These speakers have a lot of family history. My Grandfather bought these speakers in 1959. He used them in his living room for along time, until my father got interested in music. Being the nice guy that my Grandfather was, he let my father put the stereo in his room, dad was excited, as most teenagers didn’t have a hi fi system in there room. (Dad ended up going to college and graduating as a music major) My father has used the speakers ever since, about 30 years! Then I came along, interested in music too. I have had these speakers in my room for about 8 years now. I now use them as monitors in my recording studio. As for our main system, I rebuilt dad a pair of rebuilt AR-3s. I am 16 right now, I hope to keep these speakers in the family for many generations. Along the way the documentation got lost (unfortunately, it was probably worth a lot!) Anyone got a photocopy?

I record mostly classical and Jazz, I use the AR-2s as monitors in the studio, and I listen to the finished product on the AR-3s in the living room.


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