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differences in original AR 12, 11, 10Pi tweeters


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Does anyone know the differences in sound and measurements between the yellow and black dome tweeters used in AR 12, 11, 10Pi? I know that the tweeters with yellow domes were used until the first months of 1976 only for AR 11 and 10 Pi, then the black ones were used for all models (pictures show a black dome tweeter produced on the 27th week of 1976 for AR-11 or 10-Pi).  The black tweeters began to use ferrofluid at some point in 1976. AR 12 tweeters (200011-2) were 8 Ohm while AR 11 and 10's (200011-1) were 4 Ohm. 

 I'm talking about tweeters made in USA by AR and not about those made in Japan by Tonegen from 1985 to early 90 (with #1200011-1).

Someone says that there is a sonical difference between the two kind of tweeters. What do you know about that?



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