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AR-3 Woofers


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I'm watching a pair of AR-3 woofers on Ebay. Here's the URL:


A couple of questions....

I thought the woofers in the 3's were round. I'd never seen woofers for the 3's with the flat sides, like the 3a has. Were these toward the end of the 3's run?

Are these as good as the 3a woofers?

I have in my main system Phase Linear Andromeda III speakers, consisting of two panels and a subwoofer. The woofers in the sub need reconed, so I was thinking of building a sub to replace the Phase sub temporarily while I get the woofers reconed. Would these AR-3 woofers work well for that?

If I decide to go after these woofers, any ideas on how high I should go?


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This is an AR-3 or early AR-3a woofer (pre 1969). These are indeed very good woofers. AR-3 woofers are not round ! They must be this shape to fit the cabinet. On ebay people often confuse AR-3 woofers and the 10" AR-2 family woofer. (Round)

In the AR-3/3a cabinet, these woofers have strong fundemental bass to about 32 HZ and some usable Bass below that. The cone can make excursions over 1" and has very low distortion.

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