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Major Roy Allison article draft

Howard Ferstler

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The home page "recent updates" sidebar now has an article listed called "Allison on Soundfields" that will be of interest to Allison Acoustics fans. Just click on the title to get the draft to download. The home page, of course, is at:


While this 1970 draft was written by Roy Allison and Bob Berkovitz while Roy was still at AR, the info it contains should be of interest to Allison Acoustic fans. The version that appeared in the JAES a bit later was shorter than this original that Roy sent to me some time ago. This is an almost definitive statement about the AR-3a, soundfields, and power response, and it has info in it that Roy used later on to design the Allison line.

I have received permission from the AES to post this artilce. Note that it is a large (over 25 MB) PDF (Adobe) file and will take some time to download. If the text and illustrations are hard to work with, it would be simple to print them out. Lots of paper required, unfortunately, and the photos will print slower than the text section.

Howard Ferstler

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