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ar 1ms


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The AR-1MS was a small ("MS" for "Mini Speaker") 2-way sealed system in a compact aluminum enclosure, measuring about 7.5 x 4.75 x 5" HWD. It used a 4" woofer and a .75" dome tweeter. In 1983, it sold for $110 ea.

Its sound was reasonably smooth and musical, within the limits of its physical size, with a low end response that went cleanly below 100Hz--impressive performance for a speaker with a 4" woofer.

Also unusual for a minispeaker was it's relatively high sensitivity of 91dB, and a peak output capability of better than 107dB without significant audible distortion.

If you can find a pair in good condition, they would make an excellent speaker for a small room. The 1MS was supplied with wall brackets, so they could also be used as surround speakers in a modest home theater system.

Steve F.

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