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Dynaco Speaker Reviews


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I spotted this comment by Vern dating back to 2006 (I think):

J Gordon Holts's Stereophile review of the A-25 may have really been overboard, but not by very much.

How can you say a $79.95 speaker outruns an AR-3A, Janzsen's and even KLH Nine at Over $1,000.00?

Easy, just say it, sit back and enjoy.


I happened to have been reorganizing a bookcase when I stumbled upon an old Dynaco brochure (dated 4-73) titled 'Test Reports from Leading High Fidelity Publications'. It must have been decades since I last looked at it. In amongst numerous High Fidelity, Stereo Review, and Audio reviews, there is one Stereophile review, set in typewritten style. No date, just noted as Vol. 2, No. 9. Two pages, very much a glowing review of the A-25. Vern's comment is taken from a paragraph about half-way through, that the A-25 "beat all of them". This was in reference to its non-coloration of "the critical musical range". That it "seemed to have virtually no sound of its own".

I don't recall having read it (or the others), being so long ago that the brochure got stashed away. And that was before I acquired Dynaco speakers (A-50s, 2 1/2 years ago).


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