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Old-Style AR-2ax vs. New-Style AR-2


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The question came up in a recent posting about Acoustic Research possibly being "irresponsible" to dealers and customers by allowing the old-style AR-2ax get mixed in with new-style AR-2ax's, since this transition occurred without a model change or price increase, etc. It was a subtle product enhancement, with little fanfare. I think we clarified the posting somewhat by showing that anyone could immediately identify an old-style 2ax from the new-style version by (1) the logo on the grill panel and (2) the slight difference in grill-cloth material. But if a dealer gave a customer just the unopened shipping cartons, that mixup might occur.

Upon further investigation, I found that AR had a corporate policy regarding transitional products: the company did not allow mixing of transitional products in shipments to customers, and also there was policy to identify which was which on the cartons, as well as in writing to the dealer. On the AR-2ax shipping cartons, the logos on the different versions were different colors.

--Tom Tyson

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>"Old-Style AR-2ax vs. New-Style AR-2" should read,

>"Old-Style AR-2ax vs. New-Style AR-2ax."


>--Tom Tyson


I knew what you meant, but your relentless drive for complete accuracy is noted and appreciated!

My "new" 2ax cartons (purchased Feb 12, 1972--I still have the receipt) had green printing; I think older versions had reddish printing.

So apparently AR was careful about these details also, as they were about everything in those days.

Steve F.

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