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AR9, AR91, AR4xa bought and.....

Guest gilbodavid

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Guest gilbodavid

Hello all. Just bought a pair of AR91's for £100. they're in very nice condition externally with one woofer playing up. Just fired them up for the first time, and they seem to have quite a lot of the sound of the AR9's towering over them! Still, after a first comparison the AR9's have a scale, majesty, power, insisiveness, which with the delicacy of texture and cohesiveness (i'm playing the soundtrack to Gladiator through them) makes them quite breathtaking. totally different from my dipole Lowther DX4 horns that are also in my lounge, even more delicate in texture and nuance, but without the scale and power. All this through a Sony 90w/channel 1970's TA-F70 amplifier!

In addition, my AR9's bought 2 months ago for £50 are in need of tlc, with one speaker in need of foam surrounds everywhere, and caps to be done shortly. God knows what they'll unleash when made good with some serious 200w/channel!

The AR4xa's meanwhile are in my bedroom and for me are an amazing little speaker. More to follow when time allows

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