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KLH Nine and Acoustech X (Ten) Upgrades

Guest JansZen

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Guest JansZen

JansZen is considering offering upgrades to the vintage full range JansZen designs from KLH and Acoustech.

These will start with complete refurbishment and the addition of our overvoltage protection and monitoring system, which protects the speakers from arcing without intruding on the sound or harming the amplifier, and provides a visual indication when an overvoltage condition is getting close.

After that, you can add the increased SPL upgrade. We have technology that will allow these speakers to produce about 3x more sound, like having a triple panel system, without requiring a proportional increase in amplifier power or creating a risk of arcing.

Also, for the Acoustech X, we will offer a choice of two modifications: a conversion to using external amplifiers, or replacement of the original amplifiers (early Koss design) with superior, modern electronics. This mod will be available independently of the SPL upgrade.

We will supply all shipping materials for you to pack the speakers and chassis in.

If you think you would have an interest in upgrading, please let us know. This will help us decide whether to complete our development of these upgrades and put them on offer.

JansZen Loudspeaker


866-535-8835 (N. America)

614-448-1811 (Off-shore or save us a dime)

Skype: janszen_esl1

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