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Removing Early Woofers


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>I need to remove an early 2ax woofer. The cast aluminum

>woofer is locked down with the typical rubber caulking. The

>angle is too steep to pry out with a screwdriver without

>damaging the cabinet. Any tricks or tips ??

The early AR speakers -- the AR-2ax included -- used Mortite, not rubber, as a gasket/sealant material, and after many years it hardens somewhat and makes removal difficult. In addition, these cabinets used a 1-1/8"-thick plywood baffle board, so the rounted hole for speaker mounting is recessed down low. Mortite is a petroleum-based putty. And by the way, you should use care not push down on the Phillips screwdriver as you remove the screws, to avoid pushing out or loosening the "T-Nuts" on the underside of the cabinet. Once the screws are out, however, you can sometimes take an awl or spring-puller and go inside the screw holes just under the woofer flange and work around the woofer to loosen it up. Otherwise, the only thing is to go around the frame carefully and gently pry a little at a time until it moves.

--Tom Tyson

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