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AR-2ax Impregnated Cloth Surround

Guest BarryH

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Greetings from a new member!

Two questions.

I'm working on my 2ax boxes and have discovered to my happy surprise that they have impregnated cloth surrounds ("Old Version" below serial 125,000). The surrounds are in great shape so replacement is not being considered. I AM considering re-coating the surrounds with butyl latex as suggested in the Layne Audio pages. Also, somewhere in this forum I read the suggestion that very diluted Permatex could be used as a coating.

My first question to you guys is: How do I establish that the surrounds are needful of recoating? I placed a surround against my lips and drew cautiously to discover that a VERY slight flow does pass. VERY SLIGHT. I cannot imagine that the degree to which this flow occurs would affect the design compliance/damping of the woofer moving parts. It seems reasonable that excursions occurring at the sub-40 Hz floor of the woofer would see the surround permeability as a near solid wall. At higher frequencies the permeability would have growingly less influence. Am I wrong? I'm reassembling with Velcro grill attachment, so I can recoat easily at any time.

Second query: Pots...oh, yeah! Those! I've opened only one speaker so far. The pots were very clean for inscrutable reasons. Slight greenish beginnings at exactly and only the contact point on the disc that the spring contact arm rotates against for potentiometer terminal connection to outside world. Nothing is happening at the arm/nichrome interface. And that was only on the mid pot. The tweet pot was clean. There is tarnish on the silver plate and of the disc and the arm in both pots and that is probably the culprit that starts the corrosion phenomenon via a galvanic process. I'm going to reuse my pots because they are so clean. I'll use Deoxit and Deoxit Gold when I reassemble. Is the Caig Deoxit plan a good plan? Would you mush dielectric grease over all working surfaces? I think I can drill a very tiny hole through the crossover panel at the tab position of the pot and thereby gain access forever to the pot interior without opening speaker box. The tab is bent up and makes a handy rectangular hole in the pot frame at a diameter slightly outside the mounting nut /washer diameter. I then can inject Gold periodically. Thoughts??

At the center of all this is my innate OCD-like drive to always preserve, never change, keep intimate parts intimate forever, etc. So consider that when readying launch of the obvious & good advice to drop-kick the pots over the fence and replace them with superior substitutes...

Thanks beforehand for your comments. This forum is a treasure, as I know all of you know.



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