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Advent/4 Worth?


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I too much of a newbie to have a really good handle on all the potential issues involving old Advents / speakers in general. However, I saw a pair of Advent/4 at the local SA for $30, which I suspect is overpriced as:

- both woofers need re-foam

- one woofer appears to me to look a bit dodgy (sagging to one side might be a good way to describe it)

- cabinets are rough (vinyl peeling from lower edge of one, etc.)

- they have the rounded edge grills but one is water stained and has small rip on the edge. Both still have badges.

- the tweeters are "sticky" around the edges - not sure what that is about.

So would these be worth saving? A project?

I haven't seen much in various forums on the Advent/4, so I am wondering how rare they may be - not so much for the value point but from the issue of saving old speakers from bad fates. I actually like the size / look of them and was thinking might be a good "office" speaker.

Your comments appreciated!

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Guest Madcap

or, any comments or links to threads regarding how to assess used speakers before purchase? - what to look for?

Well well well, a fellow Canuck. Are you on the island?

Advent 4 pair 79 $180.00 $40.00

Blue Book value from Audiogon for you.

DEFINITELY save the speakers. I have a cabinet maker neighbour who will hand-craft cabinets for you if you are interested. Choose your preferred wood: Maple, Teak, Walnut.

Shipping costs from Toronto to BC would be the only issue. I will buy all your drivers from you should you choose to sell them. I will find you a mint pair (two of which I have for sale now) Advent III and Advent I


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Yup - Sunny Victoria (not!)

Anyway, the Advent/4's were gone next time I went down, so hopefully someone picked them up and is fixing them up.

I have a set of Advent/1 I picked up for $30 in a local thrift store.

And I have a buddy who is a cabinet maker. He is going to assist me in fixing up some Paradigm Titans I got recently.

I also picked up a pair of Mirage SM-1 for $10 at an estate sale that's the very 1st series that Mirage put out, although I think mine are a couple years later & of course they need new foams.

Cheers and all the best for the New Year!

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