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New to ARs - Need Help

Guest ScottCrick

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Guest ScottCrick

Hi All,

As a long term audio lover (and a fan of vintage equipment - I have a set of refoamed-by-me Boston A70s hooked up to a NAD 7440 in my bedroom; major WAF), I have fallen into some ARs and needed some info on them! Glad to have found the site, as there certainly appears to be less info on ARs on the net than any other speakers I've owned.

A buddy of mine recently traded me a guitar pedal (Danelectro Fab Tone) for an AR center channel and two small surrounds.

The center is a MC.1 that (as per the speaker model history) has a 4" woofer, and was originally only $150. Has anyone had any experience with this speaker which appears to be part of the Holographic line? Are the two extra 4" passive radiators? Is this good as a regular center channel, or does it do the Bose (wreck everything good about the music) thing?

Also, there were two really really small metal grated surrounds that came with the MC.1, both in heavy molded plactic cabinets. If the woofer is bigger than 3 inches in these, I'd be surprised. There are no model numbers on these, and they have screw points on the top and bottoms (for bracket mounting). Any ideas what these may be?

Thanks in advance for the help, and after reading some other posts, I now want to get my hands on some vintage ARs. Heck, can't make my wife much madder than she already is...


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