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AR speaker stands

Guest John Faulkner

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Guest John Faulkner

Somewhere someone posted pics and advice on constructing his own stands for AR-3s, slightly recessed on top to keep the speakers from sliding off. Does anyone know where I can find this thread and make my own?



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Hello John,

The information that you are seeking is perhaps to be found in the following topic, by oldguide:

"Thanks!!!, AR3 rebuild"


Also, for reference, here are some images showing various views of, I believe, the original AR Speaker Base:

post-101656-1222812674.jpg post-101656-1222805130.jpg post-101656-1222805169.jpg post-101656-1222805183.jpg post-101656-1222805194.jpg post-101656-1222805214.jpg

A few pertinent words on the Base/Stand subject, from Tom Tyson:

The original type was the "Speaker Stand," which was a stand with two shelves finished in veneered plywood with banded edges, and the shelves were mounted on wrought-iron legs. This stand was about 29" or 30" tall, and allowed the speakers to be mounted horizontally. Finishes available were mahogany, birch, standard walnut, oiled walnut and cherry. These beautiful stands cost $30 each, I believe, back in the early 1960s. The "Speaker Base" was a solid-walnut x-shaped base that stood 11" high. These were fairly common, and cost $7.50 each. It was common to see AR-3as mounted on these bases. In the 1970s a cheap, vinyl-covered particle-board base, about 8-inches tall, was also made available. For the AR-10Pi, AR-11, etc., AR introduced a metal stand that looked elegant with those speakers, but did not fit the AR-3a quite right do to the different width.

--Tom Tyson

post-101656-1222811136.jpg post-101656-0-92127400-1345012771_thumb. post-101656-1222805642.jpg

Hope that helps!


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