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AR18s vs AR18


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What is the differance in AR18s and AR18? And is one considered superior to the other? The reason I ask is that while surfing I was quite surprised to see the AR18 being used as studio monitors on at least 3 sites.

I have the AR18s, and AR91 - and when I bought them in 1982/83, I (my tin ear) couldn't tell them apart (a/;) at lower/moderate levels.

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Hi Bill;

AR18 vs AR18S ; nothing important. They do not sound any different.

At low to moderate levels, for most material, there will not be a whole lot of difference between any similar vintage AR speakers. If you play organ music or classical with bass and highs, you will start noticing the difference between the AR91 and AR18s.

Re AR91, make sure that you have them against the wall as AR recommended.


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