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new caps for AR9s

Guest ARman

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Guest ARman

i had a look at the caps on my AR9s when i removed the drivers for refoaming they looked to be in good condition but i noticed that the caps are tiny in comparison to the ones fitted on my AR5s how often do caps need replacing are there now better caps than the originals n are they worth replacing with a much higher quality will they make a significant improvement to the sound if so any suggestions please

i have scematics for the xovers am sure cap prices vary enormously any suggestions on what is a good starting point will be much appriciated also the value and make of the caps to be replaced will be very welcome as funds are rather limited am using a 1mm single strand fire alarm cable for the speakers the original copper covered cable with mineral insulation as i was told speaker cables vibrate n degrate the sound

if i was to use cat 6 or 7 will i get a noticeable improvement? am the only one of all my friends that use AR speakers n i just want my AR9s to sound their best only ARs can i listen to all day without ear fatique not even aware of the speakers just the wonderful sound coming out of them

Regards all guys

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