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AR 28S Speakers


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I have a pair of AR 28S speakers which I bought in London at the

beginning of my course in 1982 with my very first university grant

check! They have been great and followed me around the world since(now in Australia).

I have recently bought a Denon receiver (AVR2802) and

DVD-player and would now like to use these speakers as the main units in a "home theatre" set-up. Is there are any reason why I shouldn't do this, or why you would advise against this i.e. using speakers meant for listening to music in order to listen to movies etc.?

I don't intend to turn the volume up to such a level that clipping would occur (at least not on a sustained basis). Are there any other potential issues of which I should be aware?

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Guest Nigel

Hi Rod;

The critical factor for a HT is voice matching all of the speakers. Ideally you want to find three or four more AR28S speakers. Alternately: AR93, AR94, AR58S, AR48S, AR38S, AR18S speakers are also a good match.

I am currently putting together a HT system with AR93 for the mains, AR18S for everything else, with two side by side for the center channel.

I am not familiar with the Denon line. Your HT receiver should be rated for >80W/ch into 6 ohms, and be comfortable with sub 4ohm loads to work well with your AR speakers.

I would suggest using the AR28s as the rear channel speakers, and find some bigger ARs listed above for the mains, and a pair of AR18S for the center.


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