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KLH 317 any info anyone? great speakers. later from company but still old drivers


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i ran into a pair of these , never , never seen before.

they are klh model 317s if i remember correctly

the drivers in them are the old style for sure, the tweeters almost look more advent, the plate with the speaker post in back looks to be

for sure old style klh, but the rest of the box is kinda generic 80s style, with a square cloth front that looks like it should go on

a set of yamahas from the 90s, stick on klh logos that look 80ish. it seems odd that these old good drivers would be in a box like this.

was this a special model? any idea on time period? they sound great, one of the best sets i have, just puzzled with origin.

any info would be great, i will try to post a pic later.

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