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AR 48sx?

Guest ken

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Hi, all!

I'm a newbie to speakers. I see an opportunity to pick up a pair of AR-48sx speakers for $80, and I'm looking for some information on this model.

At least, they claim to be "48sx", but I can't find any reference on the internet to such a model. Best I can figure, they're a slight variant (or typo) of the "48s" from the early 1980's.

Question 1: Is this a good speaker? (Ha! What an awful, loaded question. I know, I know.) Er, from what I've heard, AR has had their ups and downs over the years -- and I've listened to some of the good old ones. Is the 48 good compared to the classic (and apparently more popular) AR speakers of old? And does it compare favorably with modern speakers?

I'm looking for something that sounds good, but I have no problem buying old/used if it saves me money. Is this a good deal on a classic, or am I wasting my money with something that has mostly antique value? If it can make Mahler sound awesome, I'm happy.

Question 2: I read that some AR models can be hard to drive. If this is true, is this one of them? Will I have any trouble using it with an NAD C740?

Question 3: If I'm totally barking up the wrong tree with the 48, is there a canonical good-bang-for-your-buck old AR speaker model I should watch for?

Thank you!

- Ken

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