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How to salvage a KLH 17 woofer?

Guest BingY

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Guest BingY

I recently bought a pair KLH 17 speakers on eBay. One of the 10" woofer has voice coil rubbing problem. I tried a few things and nothing worked. I took the whole coil, cone, and spider out. Apparently, the coils at the end of the former broke loose. The voice coils also deformed.

I peeled off the voice coil wire and did some measurement. The bobbin is about 1.3" in diameter and 3/4" long. There are two magnet wires that were connected in parallel and formed 4 layers of winding on the bobbin. They essentially run from the base of the spider to the end of the bobbin and go back to the base of the spider. The length of each wire is about 60 ft long. I would like to rewind the coil just for fun. However, I could not determine the magnet wire size. The wire is very thin. The total resistance with both wires connected is around 6.8 Ohm.

Can someone tell me what size of magnet wire was used? Where can I buy the wire? What kind of adhesive should I use after winding?

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