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AR 4x Woofer Resisanace

Guest chrisw302

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Guest chrisw302

I just picked up a a pair of AR 4x speakers in really nice condition. The grills were still glued on so it does not appear that anyone has done anything to these speakers. Both woofers have cloth surrounds but when I removed the woofers they are a little different. On has a date on it of sept. 1968. The other has no date on it. The tweeters also have a 1968 date on them so I assume that at least the one woofer is original. The dated woofer has masking tape on the open sides of the magnet, the other one has a black cloth mesh covering the sides of the magnet. Now for my real concern. The dated woofer measures 4.7 ohms across the terminals. The other woofer has 5.7 ohms across the terminals. I checked these readings several to make sure I was getting a good connection. Any thoughts on the difference between the readings? If it is a problem? Which reading is correct for these drivers?



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