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AR 9LS restoration

Guest theconartist

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Guest theconartist

About two months ago i brought a pair of AR 9LS for £40. The reason they were only £40 is because the guy wanted to get rid of them to make space in his garage and he couldn't be bothered with restoring them.

The two 11" drivers both badly needed re-foaming and i got the DIY kit and successfully re-foamed both drivers.

The only thing is I can't work out how to take out the 10" drivers in the bottom of the cabinet to see if they need re-foaming and also it would be a great help if anybody new where to get replacement sponge from, it is the sponge at the very bottom of the cabinet that has begun disintigrating and desperatly needs replaceing.

Other than that the speakers are in near perfect condition, does anybody know what sort of money these are worth in very very good condition?

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