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AR3a midrange measurements


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I recently had the opportunity to take some measurements of an original (Fig. A.11) and Tonegen (Fig. A.15) midranges. The test set up consisted of mounting the driver in the center of a 15 inch wide by 24 inch high baffle board and wiring a 50 uF cap in series. A Behringer ECM8000 test mic. was located 20 inches away. WT2 was used for imp/phase measurements and ATB PRO was used for the power resp. tests.

Below are 4 attachments consisting of two imp/phase plots and two scans of the ATB PRO power response plots.

Characteristics worthy of note were:

1) Resonant frequency was different by only 25 hz between the two units which are of considerably different age (471 hz vs 496 hz).

2) Re ohms imp. was 3.98 for the orig. unit and 3.27 for the Tonegen unit.

3) Phase angle peaks were noticeably different. (30 deg for the orig. and 40 for the Tonegen).

4) Both on and off axis response were quite similar for both units exhibiting only a 4-5 dB drop at 45 deg.

Overall, quite impressive similarity and performance between these two units.





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