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I picked up a pair of AR 8BXi at thrift shop for 8 dollars

Guest Jason Miller

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Guest Jason Miller

I picked up a pair of AR 8BXi at thrift shop for 8 dollars they look good but the woofer surrounds are shot. I am watching new surrounds on ebay. I hooked them up to test before I even bid. I wanted to make sure the speakers were not blowen before buying them. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of how many watts they are? they only have a 6.5" woofer. They are a good size book self speaker. I know they wont give out monster bass but should sound good when I am done. My last AR's I sold on ebay after I refoamed them. I used them for a month then sold them. I only paid 7 dollars for that pair. and sold them for 150 dollar. I dont think these ones will be worth as much since they are smaller.

I also picked up a pair of Harman Kardon HK 4 speakers that are in very good shape. They are only rated at 4 ohm and I have no idea how many watts they are ether. I posted photos of them under the other speakers area. I see someone selling the drivers out of a pair on ebay and he wants 99 for the woofers and 49 for the tweeters. thats one thing I dont like doing it parting out speakers. I would rather sell them local then part them out. I am not sure If i am going to keep them or not. they do sound good but i am afraid to turn my amp up.

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