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For Sell - AR 93s


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I got this pair of AR-93s speakers from my uncle a couple of weeks ago before he moved to Florida. He is the original owner of these speakers and took real good care of them. These speakers look excellent (I can say they look almost new!) In fact, he was still using them until a few months ago. These speakers was kept in excellent condition. I am not much of a classic speakers kind of guy so I decide to part with them and hopefully finding them a nice home with people who would really treaure them.

Here is some of the features I gather from various website:

one dome, 3 eight inch woofers

31" x 15" x 11" 50 lbs/Each

My asking price is $150 plus $100 shipping via Fedex/UPS

If anyone who is interested, please email me and I will email you pictures of them.


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