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Brimfield Flea market this week


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Hello everyone,

for those of you that live in driving distance of south central/western Massachusetts might want to consider heading to Brimfield. In the past I have found some interesting vintage audio related items. To date I have found a number of Fisher and Scott tubed gear, vintage turntables (I have bought an AR and an 32 year old Empire 596 15 and 25 $ respectively) I bought a Fisher 50C mono preamp a few years back for 25 dollars from a person selling vintage ceramic dinnerware. Found it while clearing out an estate. They have a pair of these on EBAY now with the bidding over $1K.

A good number of NOS audio tubes, various AR systems (usually 60's vintage, Bose 901's with rotted surrounds some brutilized dBx Soundfields, EV Aristocrats, various EPI's... you get the picture), old audio dealer manufacturer signage. Obviously you have to lookaround carefully for that diamond in the rough..... this flea market can not be covered in a few hours. Anyway, you get the picture. You could find some desirable gears, so if you have the time go and check out the flea market. Runs from Tuesday the 13th through next Sunday. There is also what my wife calls "pre Brimfield" which is smaller flea markets opening up along Route 20 in Palmer, Brimfield and Sturbridge. I have found goodies there as well.

Its easy to get there from the MA pike (Palmer or Sturbridge exit) . Rt 84 north from CT get off at the Sturbridge exit and head west on Rt20. We are headed out today for pre Brimfield snooping. (there has to be some LST's out there!!!!)

http://www.brimfieldshow.com/ for better directions than I can give.


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