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FS: KLH-5, Dynaco A-25, Stereotech, Nak in W.N.Y (Rochester)

Guest LittleFan

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Guest LittleFan

Hi all - as you can see - my first post. Not much time for audio now but years ago I was more involved, even was de facto Prez of the Kodak Audio Club. Years before that, I was in college listening to the (now-)vintage stuff. How time flies.

I have some well-kept items that I bought from my neighbor about 5 years ago, intending to get back into the hobby. But, they have sat unused (in dry, clean storage closet) and our house is due to be renovated ... so I want to get them to someone who will use & appreciate them. I'm not experienced at selling on Ebay, so I prefer a buyer in the western NY area (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Finger Lakes = local pickup or nearby delivery). Shipping to farther points is a second option although the shipping costs on the KLH's are hefty. My fall-back is maybe to take them to Audio Classics in Binghamton.

So... Looking for Best Offer! After inquiry, I can follow up via PM with pix. If I get time, I can add pix to this thread. All were operational before storage. Except for the A-25's, all have original manuals and even original sales receipts from Myer-Emco (the premier shop at the time in Wash. DC).

* Pair of Dynaco A-25: super clean, e.c., (felt dot pads on base - so, zero scratches), includes one orig. cardboard box. Denmark. SN 19-150994; 19-151424.

* Pair of KLH Model 5: light scratches on bases; a half-dime-sized veneer loss (chip) on each at rear edge; dust caps dented (not by me!) otherwise very good condition. SN 007288, 007299.

The above have original walnut finish; grilles, controls, and name plates are clean, intact.

* One Nakamichi 600 cassette deck w/ clear hard plastic cover & soft vinyl cover; normal light scratches on plastic cover.

* One Stereotech 1200, exc. cond. w/ walnut wood cabinet. Made by MACINTOSH - their solid state line. (I have not powered it up for 5 yrs. so if serious interest I should bring it up on a variac first.)

* Plus - (leftover from the Kodak Audio Club) - a pair of Advent tweeters (raw drivers).

Looking forward to sending these to a good home B) .... Thanks!

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Guest Sal Brisindi

How much are you asking for the KLH 5's and Dynaco A-25? I rather you tell us how much you want instead of us telling you how much we want to pay.



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Guest LittleFan

Sorry everyone for my delay, it's been a busy week. Sal asked me how much I want, "instead of us telling you how much we want to pay."

Well, not being active in the vintage audiophile hobby, I was sort of hoping someone would do just that: give me some fair offers as to what these are worth, especially to someone in western NY who might collaborate with me on delivery & thus avoid the UPS costs. For example, I expect shipping within the lower 48 could be around $60 per KLH 5 speaker, which is a lot.

For the Dynaco A-25's, I saw a recent sale on Ebay for over $200 for a pair (plus shipping) in excellent shape. I would say mine are the same condition but I should power them up and check out the sound to make sure I am making a fair comparison. The cosmetics of my set are on par with that set, except that the previous owner of mine added (or maybe the dealer added) some very small aluminum clips having a slotted hole, attached to the back inside the rear corners, for wall mounting. The clips are invisible from the side or front, and are removeable. One of the A-25's came to me inside the original packaging, so that indicates the good care they received.

For the Stereotech, recent sales on Ebay were $112 for a unit needing repair and $227 for a recently tech-serviced unit. I should confirm the operating condition of mine after taking it to a colleague and powering it up on a variac, then listening on his high-end system (have not done that yet.) Frankly, under $200 sounds like a very good deal for a Macintosh-designed piece...at that price level, I'm inclined to keep it or at least offer it for sale on another forum (vintage electronics)... but I included it in case a local buyer (of the speakers) might say I was remiss in not listing it along with the speakers.

On the KLH 5's, it is mentioned elsewhere on the KLH forum that up to $150 a pair is a fair price but I can't find any info on Ebay.

For the Nak 600, don't know what to say. I should find a cassette and check its mechanical function. Belts may be in need of replacement, etc. On the other hand it includes both a soft cover and the clear plexiglas cover. I guess a fair price for it is a wildcard... Make offer, as I'm definitely not interested in keeping it.

So what does the above indicate? Probably that reasonable offers would be "in the ballpark" of the above. My objective in posting (before I invest the time in listening tests, taking pix, bringing up the Stereotech on a variac, etc.) was to solicit some interest from you folks on this Forum.... not to extract the highest dollar. I prefer to get these to someone who will use & enjoy them (instead of flipping for resale) and to receive some fair payment to make the effort worthwhile. I've protected these in dry storage for about 5 years, expecting to get the time to do what you all are doing - restore 'em and start using 'em. But the time always seems too scarce. :(

So if someone out there is interested in negotiating (especially those in W.N.Y.), please let me know! We have house renovations coming and I'd rather not store these for another 5 years! Thanks for reading...

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