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KLH Model 6 Tweeter Replacement Compatibility

Guest lktigger

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Guest lktigger

I have a pair of KLH Model Six speakers, with one of the speakers having a bad tweeter. I've been reading the posting regarding the model Six, but am confused as to what is a compatible replacement tweeter. Some postings mention 4 and 8 ohm tweeters, and then other postings say the model six only used 8 ohm tweeters. There are also numerous suggestions about which other models used the same speaker, but the list of models from posting to posting varies. Could someone please clarify what tweeters I can use to replace my bad model six tweeter.

My speakers' serial numbers are in the 073xxx range, so the woofers are epoxied in but the tweeters are screwed in.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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