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Question on AR915


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Hy all,

Can't believe so many people appreciate the sound of old AR's.

I have a pair of AR915 i bought in the early 80's still fantastic with a class A1 Pioneer A9 amplifier , that need refoaming the woofers.

Due to the scheduled woofers refoaming (have to find yet a safe repair shop in my area in Italy), i would like to fix the external plastic line plugs that brokes few months after i bought the AR , due to their extremely low quality , thing that still puzzle me : can i do it by myself ? No mention of such an item around in websites : any idea how to change the system with something better?

Anybody can suggest if any other upgrade is worth?

Thank u very much if someone can help.

By everybody

Massimo Izzo

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Guest Nigel


I also have a pair of AR91.5 speakres! THey were refoamed before I purchased them last year. The connectors are pretty easy to replace, and can be much improved. You should also replace the capacitors and maybe the wiring while you have them apart. See the article about upgrading AR94 speakers on this site:



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Dear Nigel,

Thank u for your advice , is much appreciated.

I've read one of your post about the difference between the AR91 & AR915 , but i have to say that the woofer of 915 (mine) should be 25 cm (10") not 12" . From the photo & datasheet i took on the site the look of the 91's woofer seems exactly the same (with the plastic ring with the 2 flat side) , nonetheless the diameter i measure on the very cone (inside the foam surround) is 22 cm.

Given so , the bass of the 12" of AR91 should be substantially better. Or not ?

I drive my 915 with a 110W (8 ohm i think) Pioneer Class A1 (which mean class A within a power range, you can cook eggs on) , bought at tha same time in the 80's : is it a good match in your opinion ? What's about your amplifier?

Thanks a lot Nigel , by

Max Izzo

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Guest Nigel

Hi Max;

In the USA, woofer size across the outside of the foam. The classic AR 12" woofer actually measures approximately 11" by the USA measurements, but they always called it 12" for the overall outside diameter.

The 12" AR woofer, measures 22cm across the cone, 29cm across the flats, and 30.5 outside diameter. From my AR9's.

The 10" (nominal) AR woofer is completely round, no flat sides like the bigger one.



To me the AR91 shown here looks like a AR91.5 because the corners of the cabinet are not clipped, as shown here:



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