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How do you think about AR 410?


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"How do you think about AR 410?"

With my brain, of course! :)

But seriously, I've owned a pair of TSW-410s for a few years now. My mother gave them to me after she decided to ditch all pretenses of audiophilia, so I've lived with these speakers on an off-and-on basis for the past 13-14 years. They're in great physical shape, with all the foams fully intact. The grilles have a small snag or two from some overzealous cats, but oh well.

I really like them a lot. To me they have enough warmth to keep me listening to them for hours. Very well-balanced across the frequency range. I'm not a huge fan of titanium tweeters, though, so the high-end comes up a little short for me. They match well with my Yamaha receiver, which handles the 4 ohm load easily.

To me, they're kind of an odd duck with regards to their size. They're a little too short to sit on the floor, a little too big to place on stands. I still have the manual and other assorted literature that came with the speakers (though not that specacular color spread found here), and they refer to the TSW-410 as a "bookshelf" speaker. I used to keep them in customized bookshelf that held my TV and audio components, the shelves positioned so as to hold the speakers about 18" off the floor. This worked well until I moved and changed furniture. Now they sit on top of a long, low console flanking my 27" TV, and it looks kind of awkward. The sad truth is I may have to replace my 410's with some smaller speakers - I'm actually considering some new AR S20's because I'm on a budget at the moment. I don't plan on getting rid of the 410's, though.

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