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filter ar 10pi


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before starting a restoration of ar 10pi's, i'd like to know if it is possible to remove the filter without damaging it too much.

It is probably possible, but it is unlikely.

Removing the crossover without damaging it was well beyond my skill level. There are staples you cannot get to easily, or see for that matter, by the transformer. The 2500uF capacitor across the front also hides some things from your view. The boards in mine are stapled and glued. Those of a friend were stapled and glued and it took us quite a while to get all the pieces of the old board out of the cabinets even after we became somewhat violent and broke the old board out.

The alternative (working on them without removing the crossover) is not much easier. You will need a small mirror and a good light source. You will need the schematic. You will probably need to abandon the solder terminal strip. It is possible to re-use it, but it isn't necessary or practical to re-use it. Unsoldering the old components in that tight space required more patience than I had and after a few "ouch!" episodes with the soldering iron and tools, I opted to clip leads and leave them tied around the solder terminal strip. This became a problem when I tried to re-use the those terminals.

Eventually I abandoned the whole solder terminal strip and made component to component connections.

My guess is that unless you are skilled at seeing behind things and under things and getting levers where there is no room, you *will* break the board removing it. Be prepared to unmount everything and start over on a new board. Compared to other AR speakers, these are not easy to work on no matter which method you try.

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