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Dynaco PAT-5 Pre-amp notice


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Hi there;

I was thinking about the recommendation of a Dynaco PAT-5 or PAT-5 Bi-FET pre-amp to James for his Dynaco 400 amplifier.

Before ever connecting one of these particular model pre-amps, confirm the wiring method done inside.

Dynaco designed these for the Dynaco 400 and the like super amps.

With the huge turn-on transient, they finally included a high amperage power switch for these preamps, as they can also be used to turn-on the amps as well.

Dynaco included the schematic to bypass the switch, so that when it was plugged in, the pre-amp is alive.

This may mean that the pre-amp could cause a problem if everything is connected and then the amp is turned on.

You should check this out if you should buy either version of these used pre-amps.

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Guest bubslewis


Haven't been on this site for a long time. I spend most of my audio time on the AudioReview forum. Very nice forum.

Did you ever get around to trying the MICROSTAT high frequency speakers I sent you? If so, how were they? I've still got two more of them that I might hook up in my garage system.

Garage system has expanded, since I replaced my ancient BOSE 501's with some MAGNAPLANER 1.6 QR's last year in my main system.

I'm very impressed with the new Maggie panels.


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