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AR 2 ax For sale

Guest Terry Again

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Guest Terry Again

Hi all as it turns out I'll never have the money to pay to get them into perfect working order or know how to do it myself due to my brain damage! The woofers work fine and I think the mids too the tweeters I wonder? The pots are pretty much shot I think as I cleaned them once before and never had much luck with them! I have no idea how original the drivers are but when I got them the grilles were/are attached with velcro in the corners! And someone did a good job as the grilles look to me to be in great shape! All intact. The cabinets have a couple a dings on corners and a few scratches here and there and need a good waxing or what ever the new owner decides!

I have no idea of their worth as they sit? I'd like to start out at 100 for the pair but will take best offer plus the shipping from St. Joe,Mo.zip is 64494. If wanted I can take some digital pics of them showing the bad parts and what's good also and send to an E-Mail address if I remember how? Respond here or at my E-mail address of houville@stjoelive.com and hope you respond?


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