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Grille staple removal aid


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Attached is a picture of a tool I found to be quite useful in getting those pesky vintage AR stapled and glued grille staples started out of their hiding places with little or no damage to the grille fabric. While browsing in a Staples office supply store the other day, I came across a product sold as a Staples 'magnetic staple remover'. There are 2 tools sold in a pack.

What's neat about the tool is the point is sized just right to fit under and inside the width of the bronze colored staples AR used for those earlier vintage grilles prior to velcro.

I wedge the front of the tool under the staple and rock it from side to side with a twisting action of my wrist like I would use to open a door knob. Back and forth until it starts to lift. The tool can raise it about 1/8 inch. I then use a pair of pliers to pull it out the rest of the way.

The down side of the tool is the magnet function is usless for this application and secondarily, it won't help you find those little buggers either! :blink:


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