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AR3 upgrade problem


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Upgrade and refurb AR3 notes. For the second time, I got into my AR3's this time replaced caps and inductors with the values called out in AR's 1970 wiring pictorial. I finally got the phasing right, and I replaced the old stuffing. I had previously replaced bad mid ranges with a speakerlab aftermarket units and cut out the pots completly. Everything went well except I inadvertently broke the fine wire attached to a lug which comes from the tweeter. Woe Woe. The tweeter wires are apparently aluminum or some other non ferrous metal. No direct solder connection could I make even though the joint looked like it wicked. My solution was to carefully scrape the speaker wire, then crimp it with a copper wire inside an "eyelet". An eyelet is a tiny tube of metal used in making via holes on printed circuit boards I suppose other crimp connectors would also work excepting the wire size is only 26 or so. The pictorial called out the use of two "143 turn chokes" I used a voltmeter and oscillator to find the inductance and came up with a value of about .45mh this would appear to be a bit low for crossover at 1khz....anyone know the true value of these units?

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