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>>>i dont know, but if i had to guess i would say the early to mid-80's. i havent any clue to the config.<<<

It's the subwoofer from the Connoisseur Series, around 1985. The brochure was submitted by me several years ago to Mark, and it's in the Library. The sub was an unpowered unit with two 10" drivers in separate sealed enclosures. An outboard crossover was optional.

Although the Connoisseur speakers themselves were modestly successful, I never saw, heard, or read a review of the subwoofer.

Steve F.

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Guest Aaron Steinblock

I just stumbled on this post from a Google search. That is the same system I have in my AV room! I have the satellites (2 way sealed with a 1" soft dome and 8" poly), the crossover, and the sub with the two sealed 10"s. They actually sound VERY sweet, even in our 25x30 room. I wish the base had a little more punch, but I'm only running them with 160 watts (it could really handle a lot more).

Just for curiosity, what is a system like this worth? I got it years ago as a teen and haven't really ever seen a similar set for sale.

My email is triplea@charter.net



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