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new large advent specs

Guest tim t

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post-102695-1200725097.jpgpost-102695-1200725097.jpgdoes anyone have specs for the new large advents? i understand the crossover was changed and perhaps the cabinet increased by a few cubic inches also did the high end increase from the original 18khz ? and dynaco dan, i may have a very nice pair of totally original in mint shape klh 17's for sale, a matched pair serial #wise.. hemming and hawing whether i want to let them go, listening to some kplu jazz at the moment in the kitchen...they are sweet, though not as efficient as the new advents. by far, my guess 85 db or so... although i am just powering them with a yamaha rx596 80rms into 8ohms..i'm in victoria if you know of anyone local that is interested..i'm not interested in shipping them across the country...i have added some pic's of the 17's and my advents which are not for sale :rolleyes: we all love good jazz...cheers tim





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