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AR93,s is 30 watt


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I somehow got involved in setting up a Marantz based big bedroom system (5226B)+ Cassette & Onkyo CD. I like the look/feel of the old stuff. Now the question....What speakers? I have a line on a set of AR 93,s. Will the Marantz (30 watt) equipment drive the black towers? Or what alternatives should I look for? Open to all suggestions.

Thanks & great forum


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Guest Nigel

In two words, not likely.

The classic ARs are not easy to drive, the 93 and 94 especially, which have very nasty impedance curves, dropping down close to 2 ohms. If the Marntz has a pre-out, I would just get a seperate power amp, and hide it somewhere. An Adcom 545, 545 II or 5400 are good choices. Alternately, you need to find a classic receiver that works well with 2 ohm loads: HK430 HK630, Onkyo TX-2500 -4500 -8500 (not II versions) are some.


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This is wierd.

I have 1 pair of AR93,s that I hooked up to: You guessed it

newly redone Marantz 2226B Bedroom system. Did not sound good at all.

Since then I have purchased Axiom m22ti (high efficiency speaker , sounds great). Anyway, since you can,t use the AR93,s are they still availiable? I have Onkyo equipment that drives them very well and have been looking for another set of AR93,3 for backRoom.

Thanks Rick

More weirdness

I own 1965 Pontiac

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