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Snell Type EII--Driver configuration

Guest stackowax

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Guest stackowax

Can anyone tell me what the original driver configuration was on the Snell EII and whether that changed over time (when and from what to what).

And were the front firing tweeters and rear firing tweeters the same or different.

My understanding is that the original configuration (or an original configuration) included the following:

--Woofer: VIFA M21WN-07-04 (I'm guessing the 07 stands for seven inch and the 04 stands for 4 ohms)

--Front firing tweeter Tonegan 94C70DS-00HD (not sure, but I think this was a 6 ohm tweeter)

--I have no information what the original rear firing tweeter was.

I've also heard, though, that maybe the first of the EIIs had an SEAS tweeter (not sure which one).

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