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What Model Are These?


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They look like AR94s, or (to the best of my knowledge) a later UK variant, sold by Laskys up until the late eighties, and referred to in a specification sheet, simply as 'AR Classic' speakers, with no further model identification.

See this page for an enthusiastic AR94 rebuild (can't say I'd recommend using rubber surrounds though):


If this (mid/late eighties) era interests you, and you're thinking of going for them, they would, in my opinion, be worth the shipping cost from the Channel Islands! I'd ask the seller if the woofers are original, the shiny finish indicates they may be later replacements, though perhaps that's what was used for the UK 'AR Classic'?

Hope that helps.


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The cones look bigger than 8" though, they look like 12" which is what attracted me.

Definitely not 12" Drivers!—the largest driver used within that form factor was a 10". Basically, there were three main flavours of the 'cloth all sides' (stocking style) floor-standing speaker:

The AR925

3 drivers: 10" bass, 1.5" midrange, 0.75" tweeter (same drivers as the AR92).

The AR93

4 drivers: two (side mounted) 8" bass, 8" midrange, 1.25" tweeter.

The AR94

3 drivers: 8" bass 8" midrange, 1.25" tweeter.

You can identify them, without removing the fabric, by shining a torch (or bright light) through the material:

If it has one large bass driver and a wide silver ring round the mid, then it's the AR925.

If there are 8" bass drivers on either side, it's the AR93.

Two 8" drivers on the front, it's the AR94.

I had some AR925s for a while—sounded very good—but I prefer the design and build quality of the magnificent sounding earlier models, such as the 90, 91, 92 and 3a Improved. Good luck with finding some 9s in the UK!


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