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Epi magnum A10

Guest Marc

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I was searching for a pair of speakers that would match up to my Mcintosh 240/MX110 combo. A friend of mine had a pair of EPI Magnum A10s. At first I thought that they where "cheap" versions of classic EPI speakers, post Burhoe. Well for all of you tube heads, like myself, if you want a great pair of speakers that match up to the Mcintosh equipment the A10s are the way to go.

It seems that the amp "likes" to drive them and has an easier time with the base reflex design. The horn tweeters offer good openness and sound stage. The A10's sound balanced and clean. I had tried MK speakers and JBL L46, and Missions.

The Missions were the best at the time.

Frankly I was shocked at well the A10's sound. I guess you don't need a heavy cabinet to sound good. If anyone has had a similar experience let me know. I would like to know who designed the Magnums. Any historical information would be appreciated.


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