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Large Advents refoamed and New Crossovers installed.

Guest sealy

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A friend of mine just brought home his newly re-foamed Large Advents. He had purchased the speakers originally in 1973 at Commercial Electronics in Vancouver, BC, Canada, ironically the same year and from the same shop that I purchased a pair of Smaller Advent loudspeakers. He swears that this was the first re-foaming the woofers had seen, although since he is approaching 60, I think his memory has failed him. He also had the crossover rebuilt and redesigned with up-to-date caps, etc. The results were stunning. The sense of "air" and presence was much improved on the top end, while the mid bass hump was reduced significantly. This gave the speakers a much improved all-round sound that did not necessarily favor certain types of music. Of course, the lovely bottom end is still there in all its glory.

The entire job cost a reasonable $200.00, and was done by a local shop, Speaker City, which specializes in custom made speakers using KEF-sourced components. The fact that both Commercial Electronics and Speaker City have operated for decades speaks volumes of their expertise and level of customer service. We who live in the Vancouver area are lucky to have them.

I would put these improved Advents up against some much more costly "modern" speakers, anyday. In some respects, newer is not necessarily better.

I have just spotted a pair of re-foamed Large Advents locally for $99.00, and will be grabbing them shortly.

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