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ar-4xa tweeters, and cross-type speaker stands


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i blew the woofer (cloth-edge, from 1970 ;), literally popped the voice coil out of the magnet and ripped the thin paper of the woofer cone nearly all around!) on my ar-4xa, and couldn't stomach paying nearly $50 for a woofer replacement that wasn't a drop-in. so i bought a pair of banged-up case 4x's from ebay for less than that, including shipping. they came in fine shape, and i put the 4x woofer in last night to great effect. on my sansui 9090 sitting in the sweet spot sound was swirling all around me (especially from the beatles "love" cd). so, i am a happy man.

i now have a second 4x speaker i'll use for a mono tube setup i am building, and can clean up the case, the grill cloth, etc. but the tweeter from the one i cannibalised...is that tweeter used in any other ar speakers? i plan to hang on to it, but i am curious so if i find a speaker it would work in with a bad tweeter...etc.

also, the file with the dimensions/plans (i think it has dimensional drawings) of the ar cross-type speaker stands seems to be as yet unloaded into the new library. does anyone have a copy they can send to me, or post in this thread? i have some spare curly walnut boards laying around that i want to convert into stands...for my ar-2ax's, and these 4xa's. i'll probably want to make some for the ar-3a's i am getting soon, too.

any help would be appreciated!


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