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Hi everyone - I'm new here. I usually hang out at audiasylum.

I have a question about a the A-25s. I recently picked up a pair and I absolutely love them (as do most it seems). I normally listen to Snell EIVs which I bough in college and love. At first the A25s had flabby bass compared to the Snells. Then I repositioned them and the bass issue went away. They now sound wonderful. So much so that I'm going to clean up the cabinets and grille cloth and generally refurbish them.

The pair I have are not matched - there are slight differences, although they sound wonderful together. The differences are in the binding posts and tweeter level controls - one has a knob and one has just a shaft with a regular screw head. No big deal - I've seen pictures of both before. The other major difference is that one does not have the rear hangers in the corners. I'm wondering if these came from the factory like this or if someone just didn't like them for some reason and decided to remove them. Does anyone know where I can find replacement hangers? Should I be concerned with the fact that they are obviously from different productions runs given the differences in the crossovers?

Thanks in advance.


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