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Are these Dynaco Logos legit?

Guest orionkc

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Hi there;

That familiar Dynaco speaker logo is from the classic, A-10, A-25, A-35 and A-50, speaker series.

I have not done any business with, nor do I know the seller at all.

Perhaps these were a surplus closeout from the original Dynaco.

The ad says NOS New Old Stock from the '70's.

The seller could conceivably have hundreds or thousands of them.

Assuming they were bought from Dynaco USA, I believe they may have been kept on hand for warantee claims, etc.

The original logos were fastened onto the speakers in Denmark.

I don't know about the A-25 series made much later in the USA, if they used the same logo.

If so, this may be their leftover surplus stock.

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