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>Does anyone know if one of the old Dynaco suppliers supplies

>speakers to B&O? Scanspeak?


>Just curious.



Hi John;

Seas and/or Scan drivers both were used in B&O speakers as well as other brands.

The difference was, 4 ohms impedance, versus Dynaco 8 ohms and in the 16 ohm A-50 woofers, the Dynaco tweeters were all 8 ohms.

There was also a few different sizes from Dynaco's made as well.

In the case of which came first, the chicken or the egg, it appears that Scan showed up first bearing the Dynaco A-25 logo and later, date unknown or at least un-published thus far, Seas drivers were being used.

I have never read anywhere when and why this transition took place.

I have seen mirror image systems, vent above the tweeter and vent below the tweeter.

I have no information as to, why.

There was no public announcement or was there at the warantee depot level and unless we have a new future member, we will read about it in the future.

Remember, as time goes on we will lose more remembered information.

As you can imagine, what a sticky situation for a manufacturer to change driver sources, if not enclosure suppliers, sources mid stream.

I wonder how many sytem owners have both versions in their home stereo systems.

Until a future report is published here, we won't have the un-official evaluation as to whether there is an audible difference between Scan and Seas systems.

I don't anticiapte a noticeble difference.

Which version did J. Gordon Holt rave about? Scan or Seas?

We may never ever know that answer.

I have both systems and when I am better, I will do a sonic comparison, perhaps.

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