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Dynaco A-25 V W speaker


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Hi there;

Does anyone here have information on the Dynaco A-25 V W model speaker?

I am NOT bidding on these, I am just curious.

There is a pair of these for sale on ebay, as I write.

They appear to be of an orginal A-25 speaker design, with exceptions noted, vinyl walnut finish covering, rather than oiled walnut veneer, and a dark brown grille cloth, rather that the more neutral looking, beige flecked linen.

Mind you, the dark brown cloth doesn't show up stains as badly as the lighter material does, so that is a good thing.

The drivers both are visibly quite different, than that of the typical Seas or Scan drivers.

The vent opening and screening even appears to be different and looks to be done by an amatuer, whereas the original had a more polished appearance.

I believe these were assembled in the USA, rather than Denmark.

The switch-terminal area appears to be the same.

Overall, they appear to be off on a different tangent than earlier A-25's.

Cost cutting measures, management or ownership changes?

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I had a pair of the VWs in my possession a few months ago. They sounded identical to my regular A-25s but were frustrating becuse I could not fix up the wood.

I believe there were different versino os the VW. The earliest ones looked Like regular A-25s, with the light grilles and familiar SEAS drivers. They were made in Denmark, I believe, liek regular A-25s. Those were the ones I had. I honestly can't remember if the ones I had had a three- or five-position tweeter switches. Dunn's website says three.

The ones you are referring to, with the bizarre looking red tweeters, must be from after Dynaco was bought out and moved production to the USA. I think that pair had a Made in USA sticker on them. I have no clue what those would sound like. But they sold for $154, didn't they?

Interestingly, there MIGHT be another pair of VWs on Ebay right now. Look for a pair that is advertized as A-25s, but has a three-position (no knob) tweeter switch. The surfaces look suspiciously uniform, leading me to suspect they are (earlier) A-25VWs, with the older (and nicer, I think) light cloth grilles. I haven't confirmed this, though.


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