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Scan/Dyna Trivia 3


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Hi there;

The Seas tweeters only, were shipped to us at the, Dynaco warantee depot, in a bulk carton, of about 12 pieces.

The carton was only slightly higher than the tweeters frame diameter.

There was two rows, similar to an egg carton, only there was slots cut in the top and bottom cardboard for the rims to sit in.

I threw out my master carton when I moved, darn.

There was no plastic or any other cover or protection individually, that I can remember.

The carton was more than adequate for it's purpose.

I bought a carton of Dynaco tweeters, to try to concoct my own version of, Dynaco/LST's, as I couldn't afford the AR-LST's new.

If one is to buy or sell a Dynaco tweeter, placing it in a Zip Loc bag or Saran Wrap/shrink wrap, is most prudent.

The dome is still really sticky and hair, dust and sterifoam crumbs always seem to find that dome.

AR shipped their tweeters to us on a bulk flat pack, with holes for the magnets to sit in.

I am very certain, that this method worked flawlessly, at the AR factory.

The one time, that I do remember, one particular shipment of perhaps 12 - AR-3A 3/4" domed tweeters.

The support was not there in the cardboard sandwich packaging, which was packed, probably by a new shipper, with no experience shipping these.

All of the tweeters could slide back and forth, shearing off all of the domes, that was really sad to see.

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